Biography of RaphaelKhan:

Great Assyrian Leader tells the long overdue true-life story of the renowned World War I Assyrian hero who fought on the side of the Allies (Britain, France and Russia) against the Ottoman Empire.

Biography of RaphaelKhan is a thrilling read, and an eye opener to a part of history from wartime Urmia/Persia, Hakkari/Turkey and mass exodus to Mesopotamia (Bet-Nahrain), and the final attempt to regain back the ancestral homelands. It’s about survival of the small Assyrian nation, once “Mighty Assyrian Empire”— the cradle of civilization—struggling to preserve its national identity against the evils of aggression and massacres perpetrated during WWI events (1914-1918).

The Assyrians and Armenians have suffered massive genocide over the last centuries. The Assyrians have lost control of their ancestral lands and are in a struggle for survival. Today, the Assyrian nation stands at a crossroad.